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Meet the Team

Here's a chance to meet Joe & Tony from Alderwood Studios and learn about their award-winning woodworking & epoxy art enterprize.


"Our passion for woodworking stems from a lineage of woodworkers in our family history, which helped prompt us to make the leap from our managerial jobs in construction to our newly discovered true calling."

Tony & Joe Murphy

The Alderwood Story (so far...)

Having amassed significant skills during the previous professional careers, and having recently discovered a lineage of woodworking pedigree through their family history, the brothers made a U-turn on their successful careers in the construction industry and founded Alderwood Studios in 2021.


They took the leap and invested in themselves, beginning by studying the art of resin/timber infusion, followed by a host of traditional woodworking techniques inspired by their family history of joiners.


They applied the professionalism and attention to detail required to run construction projects at a high level to the woodworking trade and began cultivating skills, knowledge, contacts and contracts within their new chosen career.


Within a year the brothers had:

  • Won awards for innovation

  • Upgraded production & administration space to a new 4000 square foot workshop & showroom

  • Developed business partnerships with local and international designers and retailers

  • Began their own sustainable timber milling 

  • Streamlined their business through multiple Council Awarded business development programmes


All the while the brothers aimed to enfuse traditional woodworking techniques with their more modern machinery to ensure the art of traditional woodworking was not lost.

The traditional tools used by their grandfather now sit on a pedestal in their showroom, acting as a nod to the rich family history of joiners as well as a reminder that traditional woodworking techniques still have a place in the brothers' modernised workshop.


Tony Murphy

Tony began his education with an undergraduate degree in Media Production, however spent the following 3 years coaching badminton and competing on the European Badminton circuit. He then resumed his education with postgraduate degrees in Business & Construction Management and gained 6 years’ experience of programme & project management in the construction Industry as a Facade Site Manager.

Joe Murphy

Joe was a keen badminton and rugby player, playing for Ulster in his badminton career and coaching his school team after graduating. He began his professional career in 2016 after graduating from Queen's University Belfast with an Environmental and Civil Engineering Degree. He subsequently travelled across the UK delivering various bridge, road and urban refurbishment works, gathering knowledge of how to successfully run a business and individual projects, efficiently, accurately and safely.


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