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Alderwood's Tree Planting

Check out the below link which will take you to our virtual Forest.


Alderwood Studios is committed to the protection of the environment and promotion of sustainable development.  We are proud to say that we have a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy here at Alderwood Studios and we embed it into everything we do. Environmental protection and sustainable practice is important to us and aim to be a brand whose ethos is steeped in conservation and protection.

Sustainable Dining Table

Planting Trees

For each sustainable dining table sale, we use a third-party website – to plant a complimentary tree in the name of the customer. The customer then receives an email confirming this, indicating the carbon footprint offset and conserving our sustainability ethos. 

Sustainably Sourced Timber

We aim to reverse the traditional stigma of the timber industry being unsustainable by utilising contacts within our local council to only cut down naturally felled timber. Where possible we travel to sites where trees have been felled due to dangers presented to the public (storm/disease/construction) and choose the most beautiful and characterful trees to cut, dry and use. This works to everyone’s advantage, as the trees in danger of collapse are the largest and most characterful, allowing for the most unique and visually striking timber to be used, without the unnecessary felling of timber purely for financial gain.

Recycling Policy

On top of utilising offcuts to make smaller decorative items that tie the customers room together to avoid wastage of timber, we also ensure all our waste is segregated and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Sustainably Sourced Bog Oak

Our exclusive range of bog oak items allows us to create our art guilt free, utilising timber that was never cut down! The ancient timber fell 6500 years ago (verified by a certificate provided to every client) and as such is incredibly dense, with a dark, almost black wood grain. The fragile timber is stabilised with resin to preserve its natural beauty and ensure this piece of history will last for another lifetime.

Sustainably Sourced Resin

We make sure to use the most sustainable resin possible, importing our resin from Germany, a company that we found who’s ethos ties in closely with our own. We chose this company due to its efforts in sustainable production, mirroring our own ethos

Introduction of Solar Panels

Alderwood plans to install solar panels on our roof to help play our part in the ever-increasing fight against global warming and help with rising energy costs. Not only will this reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, it will also help to reduce overheads, lowering the cost of our products for our customers. This creates a win-win scenario for both the company and customers alike.

Sustainable Dining Table

Our Values 

We aim to change the publics perception of what a woodworking company is. Through action alone we demonstrate to our clients that you can leave a positive net impact on the environment, whilst creating stunning furniture. Our company ethos is saturated with efforts, large and small, to create a sustainable practice and leave a positive, net zero impact on the environment.

Sustainable Dining Table


Product Line

To see our range of sustainable dining tables and other products head to our shop.  As well as contacting us for a Consultation if you are looking a bespoke item designed. we also have some beautiful products for sale on our website.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Let us help you create the perfect
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